This project is still in progress and is currently being formulated.


These works are made with film that no longer exists, film that has a battery attached to make a camera work. Only the battery no longer works. Therefore, the film is re-purposed as a quasi expressionist canvas, one however over which I have no control. The film is a mixture of expired Polaroid film and expired Impossible Project film (that is also discontinued).


This work consists, at this time as a simple gesture to show the analog, the chemistry , the materiality that has been a little bit lost in digital photography. The absent photographic  referent leaves only the ones the mind conjures.  They are an homage to the Polaroid. They are perhaps a photographic version of Jackson Pollocks comment on painting. Polaroids are social, and these Polaroids are not. Each one is unique. They are everything my other work is not.

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