The Urban Field Glass Project, photography based social practice public art project.

Installed in the following cities:

Philadelphia, PA, 2009-2010

New York, NY 2011-12

Brooklyn, NY 2011-12

Available for other cities, the project requires time intensive work with the community, and with local archives, because the internal imagery changes with each location and because the location must be researched in advance.


Funded by Asian Arts Initiative, Philadelphia, as part of Chinatown INFlux, New Yorks' Lower Manhattan Cultural Council (LMCC) and NYC Department of Transportation (NYCDOT). Designed and implemented by Rebecca Hackemann.

Internal Mechanism design and Fabrication by Johnothon Stemler.


This project was anchored into the sidewalk at two locations over the Vine Expressway, that was built to slice through Philadelphia's Chinatown. The UFGP consists of custom made aluminium/steel binoculars/stereoscopes, that show stereo 3-D slides of the past and future of the location at which it stands. The passerby turns a crank to rotate the images. The past images are sourced from public photography archives and then converted to 3-D, the future images are created in collaboration with community organizations and open calls.

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